Board Members

  • Chairman & Auction Controller, Curvin Horning: 717-606-2226
  • Vice Chairman, Joseph King: 717-471-5916
  • Secretary, Nelson Martin: 717-336-0366
  • Treasurer, John Stoltzfus, Jr.: 717-587-1089
  • State Delegate & Assistant Treasurer, Michael Burkholder: 717-354-5451
  • Publicity, Justyn Nolt: 717-405-5271
  • Food Manager, Ezra Beiler: 717-768-7357
  • Solicitation, David King: 717-768-7721
  • Heifer Auctions, Jonathan Stoltzfus, Jr.: 717-768-7922
  • Kenton Martin: 717-672-1183

Mail and Donations

All mail and donations for the Haiti Benefit Auction are to be sent to Treasurer John Stoltzfus, Jr., 112 Peters Road; New Holland, PA 17557.

Lodging Available

The Bird-in-Hand Family Inn warmly welcomes auction attendees to stay overnight in the village. Located directly across from the auction grounds. Visit our website at or call 800-537-2535 for reservations only.